Advance Annual check

It’s on again: from 1st January 2016 ADVANCE pilots can again benefit from the winter check incentive. ADVANCE Service Centres in Thun (Switzerland) and Oderen (France / EU) will give you a 10% discount off the price of an annual check – up to the end of March 2016.

When carrying out an annual check, the condition of all materials is assessed with the utmost care according to strict guidelines. At the end of the check, the overall condition of the paraglider is rated and recorded in a test report.

In line with our company philosophy we carry out our glider checks very carefully, so it should be understood that we need to plan for enough time to check each wing properly. Please note therefore, that the waiting time in Thun for a glider check is currently three weeks and in Oderen three weeks. Holidays weeks 52 and 53.